"Uniques", writen and produced by 27CO design studio.


To all uniques.You are unique. Just like all the other uniques around.Its what makes you special that turns you into a one in a million of uniques.One plus one its not two: its us, all capable of being, doing, listening.And change it, from the beginning to every new start. It´s always a matter of choice.We choose it, just like you and all the others who didn't.Is life a choice? Death is certainly.There are no heroes and dark sides, there is here and is us.When we get together we turn our side in whatever we want.Darker until the next day comes ready to be dark again.What is unique is what happens in between.That´s what we stand for. Welcome to Swag on.

What is Swag On?

Swag On is a party concept, that joins the best people, the best music, in the best clubs.
Swag On is for the trendy people, the hipsters, the bloggers, the hip hop heads, the dancers, the lovers of luxury, for the easy going, for the models, for everybody that dresses fancy and wants to have fun!
Swag On is a strictly Hip Hop & RnB party, so you will listen to the hottest tracks, the classics and all the sub genres: 

Hip Hop / RnB / Ragga / Dancehall / Trap